The Objective, “City of Secrets” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

City of Secrets is an Objective in Darkness in the Light in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Search for clues about the thief in the Dreaming City.


  • Travel out to the Dreaming City.
  • You will need to defeat 25 Taken Bosses or Mini-Bosses in this area.
  • These bosses are scattered throughout the area, either found by triggering events, in Public Events or by completing The Blind Well when the Taken are being drawn to it.
  • You can also run into the Lost Sector Chamber of Starlight multiple times to kill its boss.
  • You can also stay in the starting area, Divalian Mists for the Taken Blight Public Events or the Enemies Moving Against Each Other.
  • The 2 factions warring will grant any Guardians there a LOT of minibosses to kill for this quest.
  • Go to the doorway/hallway leading to the Blind Well to find the majority of these enemies.