The Quest Step, Clear the Lost Sector in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

Clear the Lost Sector is a quest step in The Final Shape.

Part of the The Message, Part 2 Quest.


"Claim the Lost Sector's treasure and attempt to commune with the Traveler."


  • Having entered the Forgotten Deep, you will see an upwell of Green energy on the floor.
  • Collecting the energy, you will get the buff Light Shield Breaker.
  • This is the central mechanic of this Lost Sector that you will need to use again and again to progress deeper and defeat the various challenging mini-bosses and boss.
  • Start by going around the room to find the Upwelling of Hive energy.
  • You will need to take more time to find the third one.
  • Getting to the second charge, you will encounter a Revenant Ogre that appears with another group of Acolytes.
  • More Hive will appear over time, but if you complete charging of Light Shield Breaker you can now destroy the Void Crystal.
  • Go through the doorway and over to the right.
  • You will go across a grassy room and head into the corridor beyond it.
  • Here, you will find more Lucent Hive.
  • Start by clearing out the Thrall that are sitting in the hallway beyond it.
  • Go to the first alcove on the right to find an Upwelling of energy (this could be random).
  • Continue toward the back there will be more Thrall that appear and attack, with a Knight behind them.
  • Get to the Crystal and look to the right to find the next Upwelling.
  • Getting here, you will find more Thrall and a Revenant Knight.
  • Find the last Upwelling, which is in the first alcove on the left.
  • After that, grab it and turn toward the Void Crystal.
  • Destroy the Crystal to lower the barrier in front of you.
  • Beyond this energy wall, you will encounter a group of Acolytes and a Knight.
  • This bring you to a large room with more Upwellings of Energy.
  • Head over to the right to find the next Upwelling.
  • Now, you will need to search the large room to find more Upwellings as you fight through the Hive.
  • Another Upwelling can be found around the base of the Warlock statue nearby the entrance of the room with some Acolytes around it.
  • This will help you get more toward the back of the room.
  • The bigger problem here is having to face down the Blistered Ogre that in the back protecting the shielded Void Crystal.
  • This Ogre has a number of Acolytes backing it up.
  • Defeat them, being mindful of the Lucent Moths that are floating around, granting shielding to the Hive forces.
  • Go to the back right, where you can see the Future War Cult banners and go through the door between them.
  • Go through the hallway and out to the next giant room beyond that.
  • Inside this room, you can see an Upwelling sitting on the small pillar to the right.
  • After that, go over to the right onto the next rooftop.
  • Look to the left and you should have clear view of the boss: El Rakosh, Banisher of Memory.
  • El Rakosh has 2 Health Gates that you will need to deal with.
  • Once you get El Rakosh to their first health gate, they will be shielded.
  • TO get rid of that shield, you will need to complete the Light Shield Breaker.
  • There's a good chance you already have a charge.
  • To get the remaining charges, you will need to run around the edge of the arena.
  • The platforms here will have Acolytes or Knights defending the Upwellings.
  • Close to when you finish this circuit, there will be a new threat added, a Shrieker.
  • Quickly gun it down to avoid the Void blast barrage it unleashes.
  • Defeat it then focus your energy on the Acolytes around El Rakosh.
  • Clear the adds then focus on the Hive Wizard.
  • Get them to the next Health gate.
  • Once again, you will need to use Light Shield Breaker to be able to damage them again.
  • Make the circuit around the arena to build the charge.
  • Defeat the Acolytes and Knights defending the Upwellings.
  • Once again, when you get the charge you will need to deal with a Blistered Ogre as well as more Acolytes, a Knight and another Shrieker backing up El Rakosh.
  • The Blistered Ogre is closer to the entrance of the arena, so be on guard for them.
  • Defeat the remaining forces if you want.
  • Head to the far side from where you entered, where you can see a doorway leading out of this arena.
  • To the left of it you can find the Cache to open and complete the Lost Sector properly.

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