The Objective, “Continue into the depths” in Destiny 2.

Continue into the depths is an Objective in the Adventure Poor Reception in Destiny 2.


Descend deeper into Scavenger's Den to find the source of the Fallen jamming signal.


  • Go into the single opening leading into the last section of Scavenger's Den.
  • This will lead you directly into a cavern passage that is filled with laser tripmines.
  • You will need to carefully navigate through this explosive maze.
  • Duck down to get past the first pair, crossing underneath them where they cross.
  • The next one is aimed at the corner. Jump up onto the rock in front of you to get past this one.
  • Duck on the rock to underneath the ceiling and allow yourself to get onto the next set of mines.
  • This set have at least 3 in them.
  • Crouch and slip through them just to the right of the downward beam coming from the ceiling.
  • Go around the corner to reach the final chamber of this Lost Sector.
  • A Skiff will teleport in and drop off the Fallen here.
  • Fight through the Shanks and Dregs here in the chamber.


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