The Objective, “Continue Through the Ruined Facility” in Destiny 2.

Continue Through the Ruined Facility is an Objective in the Dungeon called Grasp of Avarice in Destiny 2.


Follow Wilhelm-7's path deeper through the wreckage.


  • Head for the back section of the arena, where you would see the Fallen come down.
  • Go through the now open doors in the back with the brown walkway leading into it.
  • Once through the door, go over to the left and then through the opening to the right.
  • This brings you into a large room with Hive Chitin growth around it.
  • Drop off the ledge and head over to the left, where you can see the large yellow growths.
  • Head on down the corridor past the yellow growths.
  • Go over to the left and take the stairs down here.
  • Getting into the lower room, go on through the open doorway and over the steps.
  • Go up and over the stairs then over to the left.
  • Look to the right to find the open doorway there.
  • Head on through the hallway there, leading you into Shroud.
  • Drop down to the area below.
  • There is a large hanger door in front of you and 2 control consoles on the left and right.
  • Interacting with the Console on the left will begin the next sequence, a Sparrow race.