The Objective, “Continue into the depths” in Destiny 2.

Continue into the depths is an Objective in the Adventure Poor Reception in Destiny 2.


Descend deeper into Scavenger's Den to find the source of the Fallen jamming signal.


  • Go to the right of the Fallen Banner that you see in front of you. Climb the nearby ledges.
  • There are a few Dregs just inside the cavern in this den.
  • On the ledge to the right of the entrance, be on guard for a Cloaked Vandal that is trying to snipe the Guardian.
  • Go up onto the metal platform in front of the entrance to the den to get a better view of the area.
  • In the back, on the left, is another Vandal ready to snipe you.
  • There is also a large opening in the middle of the back wall. This is where you want to go.
  • Once inside this chamber, a barrier will go up over the entrance to the back chamber.


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