Corsair Down Badges in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Corsairs have been attacked and killed throughout the Dreaming City

Corsair Down Badges[edit]

  • These badges can be acquired by killing Scorned throughout the Dreaming City.
  • Watch for the collectible drop from any one of them.
  • There are a number of random elements to where the corsair can appear within the location, but tend to appear in a vicinity of the location.

Corsair Down Locations[edit]

Bay of Drowned Wishes[edit]

  • This downed Corsair can be found once you emerge into the bay itself.
  • Clear out the initial group of Scorned and then look around the large rock to the left of the entrance.
  • On the ground behind the rock you can find the body of the Corsair.
  • Interact with it to summon the group lead by Hand of the Corsairsbane.