The Objective, “Cycle auxiliary terminals” in Destiny 2.

Cycle auxiliary terminals is an Objective in the Adventure Lighting the Dark in Destiny 2.


Find the terminals in the reactor's auxiliary system and cycle their power.


  • Turn to the marker and head across the Rig
  • Inside this covered section, you will encounter a number of Fallen: Marauders are guarding the location.
  • Once inside the far portion, go forward and take the stairs upward.
  • There are 2 Marauders guarding a terminal in the upper level.
  • Nearby the ledge you will find a terminal to interact with.
  • Do so to trigger the first of the two consoles.

  • Make your way over toward the Solarium.
  • You will find the marker leads toward an opening
  • Go into the opening where you will find a number of Shanks.
  • Fight through the shanks and interact with the marked terminal.
  • With the second terminal activated, the methane reactor will start coming online.


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