The Objective, “Defeat Ghaul” in Destiny 2.

Defeat Ghaul is an Objective in the Story Chosen in Destiny 2.


Prepare to fight Dominus Ghaul.


  • Approaching the mass of energy surrounding Ghaul will trigger a cutscene where he will emerge empowered by the Light.
  • He will emerge from the energy and have powers like a Guardian, that he has stolen from the Traveler.
  • Throughout the fight, Light will siphon through vents that the Guardian can use to recharge their Super quickly.
  • These pools of light will only last so long once used.

Phase One[edit]

  • Ghaul will start with a flying sword swipe, very much like the Dawnblade.
  • He can be hurt while airborne, but it does make for some challenging shots.
  • There are a few Psions and Legionaries running around this area, be on guard for them.
  • Use the barriers and tunnels for cover as needed.
  • Throughout the fight, he will take the sky and use this "Super" on you.
  • Watch for the notification that Red Legion reinforcements are on their way.
  • This will bring in more Psions and Legionaries.
  • Reducing his health by 1/3 will trigger the next phase.

Phase Two[edit]

  • Down by 1/3, Ghaul will retreat to the energy feed where he started.
  • Use this time to clear out the surrounding Cabal.
  • Watch the vents on the side and in the back. This can have Light coming out of them, allowing for a very fast recharge of your super.
  • The flames will turn purple as Ghaul is imbued with Void light.
  • In this form, he will be invulnerable while surrounded by a shield.
  • He will have a long wind-up before throwing a shield.
  • If hit by this void damage, the Guardian will be slowed for an extended duration.
  • Ghaul will be vulnerable after that.
  • Take cover in the walkways during this time or move around, clearing the Red Legion Loyalists.
  • Ghaul will retreat to the Light once again when reduced to half health or less.

Phase Three[edit]

  • While Ghaul is charging, fight through the Phalanx, Legionaries, Incendior, and Psions.
  • Ghaul will now have Arc Light to draw on as well.
  • He uses something very similar to the Stormtrance in this time.
  • He will also cycle through his various states now: Arc, Solar and Void.
  • These can be used in any order.
  • Keep moving, taking advantage of the cover to complete this battle and finish the main story missions.


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