The Objective, “Defeat Insurrection Prime” in Destiny 2.

Defeat Insurrection Prime is an Objective in the Raid Scourge of the Past in Destiny 2.




Starting the encounter[edit]

  • A Berserker is found nearby the entrance of the arena.
  • It will have a number of Marauders that are defending the Berserker.
  • A Radiant Battery will drop from the Berserker, and a guardian needs to bring it up to the terminal by the entrance.

Map Team[edit]

  • The Radiant Battery will now power up a map by the entrance of this arena.
  • The Guardians here will be dealing with a number of adds while watching the map to call out the needed information for the batteries that the Berserker team will be collecting.
  • You will be calling out the location of the Berserker so the rest of the team can find it and defeat it.
  • After that, you will be directing the team members to the Ports that the charges need to go.
  • The ports are 1 - Back Middle, 2 - Right portion of the Back Middle, 3 - Left-hand side

Berserker Team[edit]

  • The Berserker team will be heading into the Underground to fight the Berserker.
  • The Map team needs to call out where this Berserker is in the underground for the team to find it.
  • In the underground, the lure tactics will need to be used to provoke the Berserker into using its Suppression Field so the Guardians can damage it.
  • Once defeated, it will drop a Radiant Battery that will need to be taken to a particular charge port.
  • Once again, those with the Radiant Battery will need to be concerned about the Unstable Reaction debuff, which will kill them in 1 minute if the charge is not deposited properly.
  • Once the Battery is deposited, that Guardian will be Ionized and unable to pick up another Radiant Battery for 2 minutes.
  • 4 Radiant batteries total must be deposited in order to summon the tank.
  • This means some of the team attacking Insurrection Prime to bring down its shield must rotate onto the Berserker team.

Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge - Shield[edit]

  • As the Fireteam Members with the charges are bringing them to the ports, the rest of the team needs to focus on Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge.
  • Initially it is protected by a shield rendering most of the boss invulnerable.
  • There are 6 vulnerable points on the Boss:
    • 1)1 on the mech's waist 2)2 Panels on its back 3)1 on a shoulder 4)2 panels found on its knees
  • Destroying these white panels will bring down the shield and allow the fireteam to move toward the damage phase.
  • Once the first round of Radiant Batteries have been deposited, 2 members of this team need to switch roles with the Berserker team and deal with a second berserker.

Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge - Tank/Damage Phase[edit]

  • As the final Radiant Batteries are deposited, be sure the team is spread out and nearby each of the ports where the Tanks spawn.
  • Insurrection Prime will launch itself into the air or simply extend a limb upwards.
  • You will get the notice, TURBULENT DETONATION CHARGING, this is your timer for any one of the Guardians in the Drakes
  • A main cannon round at the boss will bring them down as long as their immunity shield has been destroyed while the Drake's pads were charging.
  • 1 Guardian focused on the boss while the other 2 should use this time to destroy the missile pods and snipers with their Drakes to ensure some safety of the team.
  • The Mech will lean forward and a Giant Servitor will be exposed in its chest.
  • This is the damage phase, so start unloading on the Servitor core of this massive mech.
  • You will get the message SHIELD MATRIX REBOOTING at the start of this phase.
  • Those with differing charges will Tether each other and do damage while in that range
  • Those with matching charges will get the Phase Synergy bonus, increasing the damage output notably.
  • Each fire team member should call out their radiance so they can quickly group up to maximize their damage.