The Objective, “ Defeat Kagathos, Empathic Mind” in Destiny 2.

Defeat Kagathos, Empathic Mind is an Objective in the Adventure My Captain in Destiny 2.


Defeat the Vex Mind to prove your worth.


  • It is time for a boss battle in this quest chain.
  • You will see yourself fighting the large Minotaur: Kagathos, Empathic Mind.
  • You will also need to fight a number of Goblins, Fanatics, Harpies, and Hobgoblin.
  • Start by clearing out as many of the smaller Vex as you can. Stay near the entrance, going to either the left or right, to have the most cover possible.
  • By defeating Vex around the room, you will ensure you have a much easier time defeating Kagathos.


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