The Objective, “Defeat Phry'zhia the Insatiable” in Destiny 2.

Defeat Phry'zhia the Insatiable is an Objective in the Dungeon called Grasp of Avarice in Destiny 2.


Turn the cycle of greed against your enemies.


  • Time to fight the first boss of this Dungeon.
  • In the back of the area, opposite where you enter, you will find a small group of Fallen, one of whom has a Scorch Cannon.
  • In order to damage Phry'zhia the Insatiable, you will need to tempt him.
  • Defeat the Fallen with the Scorch Cannon (Scorch Vandal, Gunner of Avarokk) and look to the doors on the sides of the arena.
  • One of the Fallen Machines will have blue lights around the opening.
  • Fire, charge twice, then detonate the shot.
  • This will open the shutter door below the device, you will usually get the message, Dormant Hive stir to protect their wealth...
  • Inside this room, you will find Revenant Knights, and Acolytes scattered throughout it.
  • Use the Scorch Cannon to blast through the Hive forces inside.
  • Get through the forces and collect the Cursed Engrams here.
  • All the Hive here will drop the Cursed Engrams.
  • Collect as many of them as you can.
  • As your Burdened by Riches gets low (around 10-15 seconds, head to the crystals by the entrance.
  • Stand by the crystals and it will absorb the Stacks of Burden of Riches in intervals of 2.
  • The crystals will grow as it is fed more.
  • Around 15-30 stacks are fed into it, it is more than tall enough to simply stand behind.
  • Before the crystal has had many stacks of Burdened by Riches put into it, a Guardian might be able to crouch behind it.
  • This process will need to be repeated on the opposite side of the arena to get enough Burdened By Riches to begin a damage phase (approximately 60 stacks).
  • When enough greed is brought into the crystals, Phry'zhia the Insatiable will succumb to temptations.
  • During this time, the shield around them will be down.
  • This is the damage phase, when the Fireteam can inflict damage on Phry'zhia the Insatiable.
  • After 30-60 seconds, Phry'zhia the Insatiable will become immune again.
  • Repeat this as needed to get through all of Phry'zhia the Insatiable health.