The Quest Step, Defeat the Forge Warden in Destiny 2:Black Armory.

Defeat the Forge Warden is a Izanami Forge Ignition in Destiny 2: Black Armory.


  • You are now brought to confront the Sublimination Mind, Forge Warden.
  • This teleporting Hydra is protected by rotating shields projected by the Shield Drones.
  • Destroying these drones will remove the shields around the Sublimination Mind.
  • You can encounter Cyclops, Hydra
  • As much as possible, aim for the glowing eye on the Hydra.
  • While it is taking damage, the Shield Drones will not be repaired.
  • When the Hydra teleports, quickly locate it to do more damage and keep the drones away and the shields down.

Forge Ignition[edit]