The Quest Step, Defeat the Nightmare of Galhran in Destiny 2: Duality.

Defeat the Nightmare of Galhran is an objective in Duality.




  • Time to take on the first boss of the encounter, Nightmare of Galhran, Sorrow Bearer
  • You are pulled into the Nightmare Realm at the start of the fight where you encounter him.
  • The Realm is collapsing and will take you with it in 60 seconds.
  • Time to find the Standard Bearer (Psions) to be able to do something to Galhran.
  • There is one to the left and right of the bell that you just rang and both need to be defeated.
  • With the Standards acquired (and your timer reset within the Nightmare Realm), you need to get the bell ready to ring.
  • Someone needs to head to the far end of the arena from the bell.
  • There, you will likely find the Nightmare Bellkeepers.
  • Both of the Bellkeepers need to be defeated for the bell to be ready.
  • When the Bellkeepers are dead, ring the bell to escape the Nightmare and return to Reality.
  • Now, the Guardians with the Standard Essence need to run to the Essence to the right place.
  • In the hallways, off to the sides, you can find the pedestals for the Standards.
  • Axes are to the right of the Bell, War Beast to the Left.
  • When you place the standard, a Bellkeeper will appear from the Nightmare.
  • Defeat them and hang around a moment, because a pack of Warbeast will come rushing out of the doorway nearby.
  • Along with the Warbeast, you will also encounter a Loyalist Colossus in the back of the revealed room.
  • Clear them all out for simple add control.
  • This needs to be repeated wherever the next standard is planted as well.
  • With those Cabal dealt with, use the Bell to move to the Nightmare Realm.
  • Stay in the room nearby the standard.
  • Inside here, you will find a Vision of Galhran... or 6, coming after you.
  • They need to be defeated, which will cause a door to open.
  • You are revealed to be at the far end of the arena, just next to the Nightmare Bellkeepers.
  • Rush and defeat the Bellkeepers.
  • Wait for the message A bell is ready to be rung... to start shooting the bell, then use the bell to return to Reality.
  • If not done previously, plant the next standard and repeat the process from the other side.
  • Watch for the message, Galhran is vulnerable
  • Once again, you will need to return to the Nightmare to progress, so defeat the Honored Bellkeepers] on both sides of the bell to clear the way to the Nightmare.
  • Shoot the bell after that to be overcome by the Nightmare and brought back within it.
  • Defeat the Nightmare Bellkeepers 1 at a time to get more time to hurt Galhran.
    • The Nightmare Collapsing Timer cannot exceed 60 seconds.
  • Why this change? Time to start doing damage to Nightmare of Galhran.
  • Charge right at Gahlran and start attacking him.
  • Pile on the damage, but be sure to what the Nightmare Collapse timer.
  • At 10-15 seconds left, rush the bell and activate it to return to reality.
  • Time to repeat all that to start another Damage phase.
  • Go back into the Nightmare, kill the Nightmare Bellkeepers.
  • After that, turn to either side of the bell to find the Standard Bearers.
  • Once again, kill them, collect the Standard Essence and deal with the incoming Warbeast pack and Loyalist Colossus.
  • With the Standards collected, head to the bell and return to Reality.
  • Plant the standards and then return to the Nightmare as needed.
  • Just rinse and repeat now to claim victory against this Nightmare.