Defeat the Nightmare of Princess Caital in Duality.


Collect the Standards[edit]

In Reality

  • Plenty of adds to keep you on your toes, so be ready to fight for your life throughout this whole thing.
  • You are going to want the team assigned tasks:
    • Bellringer
  • Works on killing adds as well as killing the Nightmare Bellkeeper to prepare the bell
    • Standard Bearers
  • Killing the wrong Psion will decrease your time within the Nightmare.
  • Kills the Nightmare Psion on the platform that has the appropriate symbol.
  • On the outside of the central pillars, you can see 2 symbols, these are the Psions that you need to kill within the Nightmare to get the

In the Nightmare

  • As always, you only have so long before the Nightmare collapses and kills you (about 60 seconds to start)
  • The Standard Bearers need to be/go to the Platform that has the symbol and kill the Psion there.
  • Once you have, you will need to collect the standard essence.
  • THe Bellringer needs to find and kill the Nightmare Bellkeepers nearby a bell to prepare onceo f the bells.
  • Gather around the bell, and shoot it to ring it, returning to reality.

Return To Reality

  • The two Guardians who collected the Standard Essence need to head to the symbols by the chains.
  • Interact with the Standard Symbols to plant (Manifest) the Standard
  • When 4 standards have been planted, the chains will light up.
  • Shoot the chains to ring the massive bell and start the damage phase, where you are pulled into the Nightmare.

Damage Phase[edit]

  • You will get the message Caital is vulnerable.
  • She will be moving VERY FAST, so you will need to be on point for these elements.
  • It is time to deal with Honored Bellkeepers scattered around the arena, each of the Gurdians appears nearby a pair of them.
  • Start by seeing where the Nightmare of Caital is running to.
  • With the Honored Bellkeepers defeated, wait for Nightmare of Caital to get close to the bell.
  • Call out the bell that Caital is heading toward, and gather quickly around it.
  • Once you see her nearby the bell, shoot the bell to right it.
  • This will stun the Nightmare of Caital, and you will get the buff Waking Resonance, which lasts 10 seconds.
  • Up to 3 Bells can be rung per damage phase.
  • After that, Caital is invulnerable and returns to reality under the large bell.
  • Just repeat as needed.