The Quest Step, Defeat the Phalanx Echo in Destiny 2: Prophecy.

Defeat the Phalanx Echo is an objective in Prophecy.




Starting the Encounter[edit]

  • Jump out onto the half sphere arena and go toward the middle.
  • You will find a Rally Point to refill Special and Heavy Ammo.
  • You will also see a floating sphere of energy, like Toland
  • Approaching this floating sphere of energy will trigger the first boss fight.

Removing the Shield[edit]

  • When the fight starts, the Phalanx Echo is immune to damage.
  • To remove this shield, you will need to collect and dunk Light and Dark Motes into the energy pillars like before.
  • Depositing motes into all of the energy pillars will remove the shield, letting you start a damage phase.
  • There are 4 pillars total, 2 Light and 2 Dark.
  • Each time you dunk a pillar of energy, the rings around the outside of the arena will shift, moving the Light and Dark Locations.
  • Just like before, you will need to kill the Ravenous Taken Knights to get the mote drops.
  • There are going to be plenty of Taken Thrall around the area as well initially (you can actually kill them off here).

Damage Phase[edit]

  • With the shield removed, you can finally hurt Phalanx Echo.
  • Watch out as you do the damage, because you will start to encounter Taken Goblins in this area.
  • They can (and will) protect the Phalanx Echo will their eye shield.
  • After so long, the Shield will return around the boss and you will need to break it once again by depositing Motes into the Energy Pillars.

Collect Loot[edit]

  • Head to the center of the arena, where a chest will appear.
  • Collect the Prophecy Weapon/Armor that drops here.