The Objective, “Defend signal antenna” in Destiny 2.

Defend signal antenna is an Objective in the adventure Poor Reception in Destiny 2.


Keep enemies away from the signal antenna while Ghost tries to locate the source of the Fallen feedback.


  • Make your way toward the marked antenna on the cliff overlooking the river.
  • Get close to the signal antenna to trigger your defense time of the antenna.
  • Look down the slope leading up to the antenna.
  • There will be at least 2 Fallen Skiffs that will come along to drop.
  • You will find yourself fighting off a high number of Shanks, Dregs, Vandals and Marauders.
  • These Fallen cannot enter into the control area else progress will cease until they are defeated.
  • The final Skiff will drop a number more Dregs, Marauders and Shanks.
  • In this final wave you will encounter the Signal Engineer pair.
  • Defeat them and the other Fallen then wait out the remaining time.


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