The Objective, “Defend the Observatory” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Defend the Observatory is an Objective in The Oracle Engine in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Repel the Taken Assault.


  • Enter into the Observatory in the Spine of Keres.
  • There are a number of Scorch Cannons scattered all over the area for you to grab.
  • Grab 1 to begin, but save the rest, there are going to be a lot of Taken and the Cannons are a great way to clear them out.
  • Inside the Observatory, head in toward the center of the Observatory.
  • Collect the nearby Cannon as the fight is beginning.
  • Go up the ramp on either side of the room to have lots of cover to protect yourself.
  • First to appear is Mukor, Soul Keeper, a massive Taken Ogre.
  • Unfortunately, after you have done some notable damage to Mukor, Taken will start to appear in the area.
  • You will find a number of Taken Knights, Taken Thralls, Taken Centurion, a Taken Hobgoblin and a Taken Minotaur.
  • Use the remaining charges in your Scorch Cannon to clear out these Taken.
  • With the Taken thinned, turn your attention back to the Taken Ogre, Mukor.
  • Keep on the move and firing on Mukor.
  • As Mukor has lost about 1/3 its health, drop to the lower section of the Observatory.
  • You will find another Scorch Cannon.
  • You will also, likely, encounter a group of Taken Thralls appearing.
  • Fighting Mukor with the Scorch Cannon, it is important to use the Charge feature of the Cannon.
  • Holding the Fire Button after launching a projectile from the Cannon will start charging it up.
  • Wait for it to power up 3 times before releasing the fire button to do heavy damage (30K+).

  • When Mukor reaches about half health, a few groups of Taken will spawn in, along with Ugroth, Soulkeeper.
  • The Guardian will now be fighting 2 Ogres.
  • Start by focusing on the upper walkway and clearing it out to ensure that you have some safe space.
  • The Taken will now have some Taken Captains for you to fight.
  • Staying on the upper walkway will draw Mukor to you, making it a lot easier just to fight this Ogre.
  • From there, head down the walkways and start fighting through the Taken.
  • Find and start fighting through the Taken.
  • Once again, try to clear the Taken or at least clear most of the Taken.
  • Kill both of the Ogres to complete the mission and get your reward.


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