The Objective, “Defend the satellite array” in Destiny 2.

Defend the satellite array is an Objective in the Adventure O Captain in Destiny 2.


Hold against the Fallen while Failsafe executes a remote repair.


  • Interacting with the terminal will begin a defense section.
  • Ghost and Failsafe are working to repair the terminal.
  • You will need to clear out the Vex Minotaurs, Harpies, and Goblins in the area to make things a little easier.
  • THroughout this section, it is best to keep nearby the terminal to ensure that the quest portion registers properly.
  • Along with that, you will need to fight through a number of Fallen Waves that will come charging at you.
  • In the waves you will be facing: Shanks, Exploder Shanks, Tracer Shanks, Dregs, Vandals, and Captains.
  • You will need to fight through 5 waves of Fallen of increasing difficulty to make it through to the end.
  • Once the repairs have been completed, you just need to defeat the remaining Fallen forces to progress forward.



  • It is possible to accidentally reset this objective and have to redo it.

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