The Objective, “Delve deeper” in Destiny 2.

Delve deeper is an Objective in the Raid LairThe World Eater in Destiny 2.


Navigate through the tunnel to get deeper into the Lair.


  • Drop into the revealed hatch and go to the far side of the hole as you fall.
  • Dropping all the way down will be fatal, be sure to watch for the opening that you are aiming for.
  • Go forward through the open hatches.
  • This will lead you into an electrified room.

  • To clear this area as a fire team, you will need to get across the room, carefully.
  • You need to run across the pipes and take cover behind the metal barriers.
  • The fatal blasts are timed with the numerous pistons that are nearby.
  • Go forward either in pairs or trios.
  • Either take your time and move from one barrier to the next or rush the distance between others.

  • This will lead you to another pit to fall into.
  • Drop to the far side and into the tunnel that looks like the inside of a gun barrel.
  • Go to the far end of the barrel.
  • Once the fireteam gathers at the end of the barrel, the seal will burst.
  • This will launch you out into the core area of this lair.


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