The Objective, “Destroy Barriers” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Destroy Barriers is an Objective in The Oracle Engine in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Destroy the Taken barriers blocking your path to the Spine of Keres.


  • The story begins in the Divlian Mists, where the Guardian will need to start fighting both the Scorn and the Taken.
  • Go forward from the landing point to find the first of the 3 Taken Knights, Tir Balok, Daughter of Xivu Arath.
  • Destroy this Knight, and they will drop an Arc Charge.
  • Collect the Arc Charge, turn around and look to the left of where you landed.
  • You will need to head to the front of the sealed archway.
  • There is a Taken Bloom in front of the archway that you can dunk the Arc Charge
  • Head back toward the shore, following the path.
  • Go on up the stairs there and go up to the plateau there.
  • You will find An Ragaar, Son of Xivu Arath with a Taken Centurion.
  • Defeat them both and collect the Arc Charge.
  • This time, as you approach the Taken Bloom, you will find an Abomination and a Ravager.


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