The Objective, “Destroy Fallen Walker” in Destiny 2.

Destroy Fallen Walker is an Objective in the Adventure Unsafe At Any Speed in Destiny 2.


Find the Fallen quadruped tank in Winding Cove and shut it down for good.


  • The Salvaged Walker will drop where the Pike Gangs appeared.
  • You can have something of an easier time fighting it by engaging the Walker from the road winding around the shallow water.
  • Just be sure to move back when you see the tank aiming its main cannon.
  • Aim for the legs to break the armor on them.
  • When that armor is broken the neck of the tank will extend and expose a vulnerable area
  • If there is Pike nearby, this can be useful while in the shallow water to unleash a barrage of fire on the Walker and the Dregs and Vandals that will appear to defend it.
  • Remember that Pikes start firing fast but will slow after a short while.
  • Take your time, moving around to fight and destroy the Salvaged Walker.


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