The Objective, “Destroy Panoptes, the Infinite Mind” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Destroy Panoptes, the Infinite Mind is an Objective in the Story Omega in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.


Avert the Future where the Vex win.


  • Head forward, down the stairs in front of you.
  • At the base of the stairs, leading into the walkway in front of you, are a pair of Dregs.
  • Destroy them and head through the archway.
  • There are more Fallen in front of you to get through.
  • You will encounter Tracer Shanks and Dregs.
  • Those 3 Dregs are Daemons, locking you into this area.
  • Defeat them to open the first door.
  • Once you have, go to the door and open it up to continue forward on the Forest Pathway.
  • Step into the Vex Launcher and go on up to the pathway above you.
  • You will encounter a Vandal and 2 Psions immediately.
  • More enemies can be seen farther along the path.
  • As you approach the next corner, you will be assaulted by Acolytes and Thrall.
  • Going into the circular plaza, you will need to deal with 4 Cabal Gladiators.
  • Keep some distance and either kill them or run past.
  • This next walkway has 2 Shanks on it.
  • Destroy them as more of the walkway materializes in front of you.
  • Farther down you will encounter 3 Goblins.
  • Going along that walkway will cause the next arena to appear.
  • In this arena you will encounter more Goblins and Hobgoblins.
  • In this arena there are 3 more Daemons in the form of Goblins.
  • Destroy the daemons and go open up the door at the end.
  • This brings you to another arena to fight through or run over to the door and open it up.
  • Head into the hallway in the Tree and head forward to reach into the proper time.
  • This will lead you into Infinity's Crown where you will find Panoptes, Infinite Mind.

Panoptes, the Infinite Mind[edit]

  • When the battle starts, there is nothing you can do to hurt Panoptes, the Infinite Mind.
  • Instead, focus in on the Goblins who are in the lower area.
  • After clearing a few of them, change to the sides and deal with the Hobgoblins there, attempting to snipe you.
  • Panoptes will bring in more Vex that you will need to defeat to continue forward.
  • Before the next part of the arena opens up, you will see a Minotaur be brought in, this is Achronos, Infinite Proxy.
  • Destroy this Minotaur to trigger the next phase of the fight.

  • The mound at the fair end, where Panoptes was, will activate as a launcher.
  • Run onto it to be sent flying over to the next platform.
  • This first platform will have you fight against some Fallen.
  • You will encounter some Vandal and some Dregs.
  • Defeat them then go to the launcher to get to the second platform.
  • When you land there, expect to encounter some Cabal: 2 Psions and a Legionary.
  • Once again, defeat them and go to the launcher to continue forward.
  • The third platform will see Panoptes summon 3 Acolytes and some Thralls to attack you.
  • Once again Panoptes will vanish, activating the Vex launcher to allow you to chase it.
  • This will bring you to the arena where you will be able, eventually, fight Panoptes.

  • This battle begins with Panoptes summoning in a few waves of enemies for you to fight.
  • The first is of Fallen, where you are confronted by Dregs, Shanks,
  • Getting through most of that wave will have Panoptes summon in more Vandals, Dregss
  • Finally, you will be confronted by Taldriks, Infinite Proxy.
  • Defeating Taldriks will cause Panoptes, the Infinite Mind start deleting you from the Infinite Forest.
  • Before it can succeed against your Ghost's efforts to save you, Osiris will appear and confront the Vex construct.
  • This is the prelude to the damage phase, Osiris will cause a Vex Gate Launcher to appear while Panoptes works to crash the simulation you are in, inflicting the Unstable Simulation status on your Guardian.
  • Rush to the Launcher and get thrown onto the platforms above the arena you are in.
  • On this platform you will want to run forward and grab the Arc Charge that the Reflection of Osiris directs you to.
  • The Reflection will then create a bridge for you to run across and slam the charge into an opening to break down the body of Panoptes.
  • Osiris will then teleport the Guardian to a location where they can get a very clear shot at the weak point of Panoptes, giving you the bonus status Eye of Panoptes.
  • Unlock on the Vex Construct at this point, using your Power Weaponry.
  • You can damage it approximately to 50% health before it will blast you away.
  • You will land in the arena below you.
  • This time Panoptes will summon in Hive to kill you.
  • Fight through the initial Acolytes and Thralls.
  • Getting through them will have Panoptes summon in more Thrall but also 2 Wizards, and Ergoth, Infinite Proxy
  • Destroying the Proxy will kill all remaining Hive and Panoptes will attempt to delete the Guardian again. Osiris will once again intervene.
  • Use the Gate to get onto the high platform.
  • On it, run toward the Reflection of Osiris and grab the Arc Charge it makes appear.
  • Once you slam the charge, take a moment to reload all your weapons as you are teleported to where you can damage Panoptes.
  • After enough damage is done, you are thrown back into the arena once again.


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