The Objective, “Destroy anti-air turrets” in Destiny 2.

Destroy anti-air turrets is an Objective in the Adventure Anti-Anti-Air in Destiny 2.


Find other consoles to disable the remaining shields, then destroy the rest of the turrets' power generators.


  • The Shield wall will drop and now you will have 7 turrets need to be destroyed.
  • It is not as simple as just shooting the turrets, you must instead find and disable the shields protecting the power source for each.
  • Jump down to the right-hand edge of the platform below you, to the marked console.
  • Interact with it to have Ghost disable the shield protecting the turret's power supply.
  • With the shield down, you can shoot the power supply to destroy the turret.
  • While this happening, Cabal forces will be moving in on your position.
  • The initial wave has you facing off again a number of Legionaries.
  • Just after that you will see a Cabal Dropship come in and deposit more Legionaries with Defender Harn.
  • Psions come into the area from the back and from the recent dropship, attempting to snipe the Guardian.
  • Turn around and head toward the walkway above the ramp you passed/used to reach the first console.
  • Behind the shield walls there you will find another console to deactivate the shield around another shield power source.
  • Turn to the right, looking away from the base.
  • Along the left-hand wall, you will see another shield deactivate at the base of a turret.
  • Reaching this power source is hard to reach from the console using a Pulse Rifle or SMG. Moving closer will make it possible to hit it. Otherwise you will want to use either a Scout Rifle or Sniper Rifle.
  • Looking back toward the base, across from the console, you will find more Legionaries and Defender Born.
  • Engage them from a distance or start for the walkway bridging the two sides of the area.
  • You will find Security Chief Kolg and 2 more Legionaries along the way over.
  • Defeating them will unleash a pack of War Beasts that will chareg you.
  • Defeat them all to help ensure an easy time hacking the console nearby.
  • Continue to the raised walkway beyond the bridge.
  • Go to the console there and interact with it to have Ghost hack it.
  • This will deactivate the shield and then aim at the marked turret's power source, found nearby where you entered this open section.
  • 1 more remains in this section. Turn toward the base, where you can see a the shielded cage, looking to the right of that.
  • The control console is nearby that cage. Hack it to lower the last of the shields in this area.
  • The turret found to the left of the last one you destroyed, the outer most turret power source found on the right-hand wall going away from the base itself.
  • Destroying this turret's power source will bring a group of Cabal: Legionaries, Centurion, Psions and Enforcer Karch.

  • Go forward to the front of the area where the last drop ship was.
  • Look to the left and down to find a walkway going to another section of this area.
  • Fight through the remaining forces from the drop ship as you go across the walkway.
  • There are 3 more consoles and turret power sources that need to be destroyed in this area.
  • Start by heading forward and then just over to the left.
  • There you find a pair of control consoles next to each other.
  • As you approach the consoles, a group of Cabal will move you.
  • You will once again be facing Psions and Legionaries who will scatter throughout the area to attack you.
  • Additionally, there are some War Beasts that will be coming from the other side.
  • Among all these foes you will find Ordnance Keeper Tulg.
  • Clear out the remaining forces and then go over to the consoles in the middle.
  • Each of these will reveal a power source on the wall in sight beyond them.
  • Just one power source remains.
  • Go over to the far wall where you just destroyed the power sources.
  • Look to the left to spot the final power conduit.
  • Destroy it to complete this objective.


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