The Objective, “Destroy the Shield” in Destiny 2.

Destroy the Shield is an Objective in the Dungeon Grasp of Avarice in Destiny 2.


Fire Servitor remains at the Fallen Shield.


  • Time to deal with the Fallen Shield which is blocking your way forward to the end of the dungeon.
  • Go forward to the launcher in front of you.
  • It is not immediately active and will require the use of a Scorch Cannon.
  • Head over to the left and into the Fallen structure.
  • Deal with the Shanks and then find and take out the Scorch Vandal, Gunner of Avarokk.
  • Collect the Scorch Cannon from them and head back toward the entrance.
  • Here, use the Scorch Cannon to power up the launcher here with its charger which is behind the rock from the launcher.
  • While the Shot is charging head over to the launcher.
  • Adjust the launcher to send you toward the Fallen structure on the side with the marker.
  • Be sure to use your Jump to cushion the landing and avoid being hurt by it.

Platform 1[edit]

    • Where you are going can vary from what is depicted here.
  • When you arrive on the platform with the marker, you will want to search for the Abundance Monitor here.
  • The Servitor is protected by a protective shield that you will need to break using Burdened by Riches.
  • Start by defeating the other Fallen around the area and collecting the Cursed Engrams that fall.
  • With the Burdened by Riches buff, head into the large building on the platform you are on.
  • Here, you will find the Crystals to feed the Buff into.
  • Once the crystals are fully grown, the Icon of Excess (Abundance Monitor) will lose its shield for a long time.
  • Move in and quickly destroy the Abundance Monitor.
  • With the servitor destroyed/disabled, you will need to get it over to the launcher on this platform.
  • The servitor remains seem to be on ice, being very slippery.
  • Once the servitor remains are in place, aim the launcher toward the large structure on the ceiling.
  • Follow the orange cable to find the charger for the launcher.
  • Use a Scorch Cannon, with its Shot charged twice, to launch the Servitor remains into the Fallen Shield to break part of the shield.
  • Adjust the launcher after that and go over to the next platform.

Platform 2[edit]

  • Launch over to the next platform in the sequence by rotating the Launcher and using it.
  • Once there, you will repeat what you just did.
  • Defeat the surrounding Fallen to collect the Cursed Engrams to gain the Burdened by Riches.
  • Fight on through the Dregs, Vandals, and Resilient Captain to collect the needed Cursed Engrams.
  • Once again, when the Icon of Excess is tempted, destroy the Abundance Monitor Servitor.
  • Push the remains of the servitor over to the launcher.
  • Adjust the Launcher to point it toward the center of the room.
  • Fire it by using the charger which can be found by tracking the cable running away from the Launcher.

Platform 3[edit]

  • With the servitor remains launched, adjust the Launcher to move onto the next platform.
    • There is one platform that has you simply jumping down to it (just be ready with a sword swipe if you're a hunter, or watch that starting jump).
  • Once again defeat Fallen to collect the Cursed Engrams.
  • Bring the engrams to the crystals in the large building and remove the shield from the Abundance Monitor.
  • IF this is the lower platform, be careful since there are less railings to contain the rolling servitor body.
  • Aim the launcher to the middle and then fire it off with a charged Scorch Cannon shot.
  • Rotate the Launcher to the next area.

Platform 4[edit]

  • Last platform to launch a Servitor from!
  • Adjust the launcher toward the next platform in the sequence.
  • Once again, fight through the Fallen Dregs, Vandals, and Resilient Captain.
  • Bring the Burdened by Riches to the crystal in the middle of the area.
  • Once again, when the Abundance Monitor's shield drops, destroy it.
  • Once again, push the Servitor remains to the launcher.
  • Power it up with a Scorch Cannon charged shot.
  • Fire the servitor remains into the center to finish breaking the shield around the great sphere.