The Objective, “Destroy the Vex” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Destroy the Vex is an Objective in the Quest Signal Light in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.




  • Initially, 6 Goblins will drop on the left-hand side of the rift of Light.
  • Another 4-6 will have dropped on the rightward-side of the same rift.
  • Defeating all of this Vex will cause the first wave of Fanatics to spawn, so run down the stairs and away from the rift.
  • With some distance, look back toward the Rift and eliminate the Fanatics.
  • After the first wave of Fanatics, you will see 12 Descendant Goblins appear from the time stream to attack you.
  • Keep your distance for the cover and fight on through this wave of Goblins.
  • Once again, more Fanatics will appear from the Rift.
  • Having defeated the Fanatics, Precursor Goblins will appear in the area in the same numbers and attack you.
  • Fight on through this part of the wave.
  • The final part of this wave has yet more Fanatics dropping in from the Time Stream.
  • Destroying these Vex leads to a short break in the fight.
  • 2 Wayward Minds will appear from the time stream.
  • You will need to defeat them to finish the quest step.
  • You will also encounter a high number of other Vex, Descendant Harpies, Precursor Harpies,
  • Move in and hit each of the Wayward Minds hard with a Power Weapon.
  • Take only a little time to thin out the Harpies.
  • Defeating the harpies will result in more of the Descendant or Precursor Vex coming in to attack and aid the Mind.
  • When both mind are destroyed, the mission will complete, triggering the next step, Visit Brother Vance.


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