Devilish Recordings Collectible found in Spire of the Watcher.

The Devilish Recordings Collectible found in Spire of the Watcher.


There are 6 hidden Recordings that can be found throughout the Spire of the Watcher left by Eramis.

  • Collecting all 6 gives the Devil in the Details Triumph.


Recording 1[edit]

  • This recording is found just after completing the first encounter, just after the long slide during Begin the Ascent.
  • Once you get to the bottom, head to the right.
  • Climb up the ledges here to the top one.
  • Go over to the right and interact with the lit screen to find the first recording.

Recording 2[edit]

  • This is also found during Begin the Ascent, when you go through the pipe room with the Red-Lit openings.
  • Continue into the Reactor Firewall.
  • Once inside the Control Room, head to the lower part with the walkway above it.
  • Go over to the left and drop down into the lower section.
  • Look to the right-hand wall to find the monitor with the recording.

Recording 3[edit]

  • This is found in the Reactor Firewall during Begin the Ascent.
  • Make your way to the Jumping Puzzle.
  • Get to the suspended platforms, getting to the 4th platform.
  • You can long-jump over to the left-hand platform (like you would for the Bonus Chest here.
    • You can head over to the right-hand platform where you normally would go.
    • This just involves jumping going over to the right to a semi-hidden platform on the side of the Support Pillar.
    • Jump over to the less accessible walkway.
  • Go over to the screen bank just next to the gap.
  • Interact with the screen to get the recording.

Recording 4[edit]

  • This recording is found at the end of the Jumping Puzzle in the Reactor Firewall just before the Grav-Lift.
  • You want to be just in front of the Grav-Lift leading up.
  • You will want to look to the left along the wall.
  • There is a small platform that can be seen just past the corner here.
  • Jump over there and land on the platform.
  • Go over to the bank of monitors in front of you on this platform to find the Recording.

Recording 5[edit]

  • This is found in the Rally area of the Ares Spire, where you are before you start the Ascent itself.
  • Head over to the right-hand side of the room, to about where the Rally Point is.
  • Head to the computer banks behind the Rally Point and go over to the left-hand side of them.
  • Just in the front there is a computer with a bank of monitors on the left
  • You will find the Recording hidden here.

Recording 6[edit]

  • This final recording is found after completing the Ascent itself, getting the chest, but before the encounter with Akelous in Silence the Siren.
  • Climb up the "stairs" behind the chest for the Ascent itself.
  • Go up into the next control room of the Spire.
  • Once you emerge, run to the OPPOSITE side of where you emerged from.
  • Look to the computer bank against the glass for the Devil's Insignia to find this recording