The Objective, “Disable Centurion Shield” in Destiny 2.

Disable Centurion Shield is an Objective in the Adventure Dark Alliance in Destiny 2.


Defeat Psions to lower the shields surrounding Red Legion Centurions.


  • Head over to the river bed, where you will find 3 Bonded Psion with a Psionically Enhanced Centurion.
  • To harm the Centurion, you will need to defeat the 3 Bonded Psions that are by it.
  • Defeating these 3 will have another 3 Bonded Psions will drop from a nearby carrier which comes in.
  • Defeat them to disable the Invulnerable shield around the Centurion, allowing you to damage their solar shield.
  • Another Psionically Enhanced Centurion with 3 Bonded Psions.
  • The third will appear along teh Western side of the warehouses in this area.
  • Find and defeat them to complete this objective.


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