The Objective, “Disarm the Mines” in Destiny 2.

Disarm the Mines is an Objective in the Dungeon called Grasp of Avarice in Destiny 2.


Reach the mines and disarm them before time runs out.



    • 15-second timer
  • This is a race section with the Guardians needing to rush through the areas of the Shroud.
  • This area is filled with Dregs,
  • Scattered throughout are triggers on the ground that add more time to the fuses of the Mines.
  • By activating the triggers throughout the area, you add 5 seconds to the timer.
  • Getting through this section is possible solo and with 2 other Guardians.
  • Each section of the race has 2 fuse extension triggers.
  • If doing this with 3 Guardians, have 1 Guardian focus on getting on the mines, and the other 2 Guardians focus on reaching the Fuse Extensions.

Disarm the Mines[edit]

  • Once the console has been activated, the hangar doors open.
  • While the doors opening, summon your Sparrow.
  • As soon as the doors are open enough, hit the throttle and you are not going to let up until you reach the finish line.
  • Having the sparrow, Always On Time (available via Monuments of Lost Light for Spoils of Conquest), is a massive boon for its higher speed.
  • Immediately focus on going forward, going between the flat rocks on the left, staying on the ground (for now).
  • Go un the ketch engine and launch off the rock just in from of the Hawk.
  • This will have you go over a Fuse Extension, adding 5 seconds.
  • Go over the Hawk's wing and head straight for the mine in front of you.
  • Head through the central ring just below the mine to ensure it disarms, but do not slow down.
  • Aim for the opening in the cylindrical building.
  • For the person tagging the mines, focus on just driving down the middle of the path here.
  • Navigate carefully around the metal coming from the ground into the hexagons above you.
  • Head through the cylinder in front of you and keep just jetting forward through the third hexagonal metal structure.
  • Exit the building and you will immediately tag the second Mine.
  • You are back outside for the third section.
  • Head through the metal tube in front of you for a quick path (if you're good at keeping steady.
  • Otherwise, hug the left-hand wall for a smoother run without as much shooting at you.
  • Be on guard for this third section because you have to worry about a Skiff dropping off a Walker.
  • From there, follow the water for a moment to get toward the large cylindrical structure with the circular opening.
  • Tag the Third Mine as you head toward the opening.
  • There is a Fuse Extension through the metallic structure.
  • Getting through to the next inside section, stay over the water for now.
  • This will bring you over to the Fourth Mine with a number of Fallen at it (like all the others).
    • You've reached the home stretch at this point, you just need to reach the next mine to finish this section.
  • Stay with the water as you jet through this section.
  • If you hang to the right after tagging the mine, you can easily reach a fuse extension.
  • Otherwise just head straight along the area over the water.
  • Head on down the slope and you will see a number of Launchers here.
  • To quickly reach the Mine, drive through the launcher in the middle.
  • Touch down, get off your sparrow, and rush over to the mine to tag and disarm it.

Fuse Extension locations[edit]

Section 1[edit]

  • There is a fuse extension over to the right from the entrance of the Sparrow section.
  • Exit the hangar and head over to the right.
  • By the Aspens, you will see a fuse extension.
  • The second Fuse Extension is along the left-hand path.
  • This second Extension is easily found along the path toward the mine, by launching from the stone plateau onto the crashed ship.

Section 2[edit]

  • Inside the first building there are 2 fuses.
  • Immediately inside it, go over to the right.
  • Just on the right-hand side of the metal nearby the circular tube in the middle is the fuse extension.
  • From there, go over to the left-hand side of this area.
  • Go up onto the metal flat on the left.
  • Where the dirt meets the metal, you can find the fuse.

Section 3[edit]

  • Getting back outside, go down the middle, over the water.
  • On the right-hand side of the small river you will hit the fuse extension.
  • From there, go straight along the left-hand side and into the metal cylinder with the walkway.
  • Just go along the walkway to tag the second fuse extension.

Section 4[edit]

  • This is the last section of the Sparrow challenge.
  • Time to tag the last of the fuse extensions.
  • From the third mine, go over to the right-hand side of this area.
  • On the metal plate on the right-hand side, you will find the fuse extension.
  • The last fuse extension is available only if you launch from the left-hand launcher.
  • Just go through the left-hand eye to get the fuse extension triggered.