Dominus Ghual in Destiny2.

“Dominus Ghaul” is the Cabal Leader in Destiny 2.


Dominus Ghaul (Or Gary) is the leader of the Red Legion. He has brought his entire command to Sol. He is determined to bring the Traveler's power under his sway so he can channel the Light. Ghaul is convinced that the Traveler made a mistake in choosing Humans, Exo and the Awoken. He is an accomplished strategists and will strike to great effect.

Ghaul reportedly has been raised with this belief and is now using everything in his power to take the Light for his Legion, if not the Cabal Empire itself.

Ghaul is adorned in white armor. This armor sports a red and gold detailing to it. He wears only a face mask instead of the normal full-head helmets favored by the Cabal.


Ghaul was reportedly born as a Cabal outcast and left for dead as an orphan. He claims that the torment and rejection of his fellow trainees within his Legion only made him stronger.

This crop of trainees for the Red Legion was brought up to believe that the Traveler should have bestowed the Light upon the Cabal and not humanity. It is somewhat vague if this refers specifically to the Red Legion or all of the Cabal.

The Consul, a disgruntled member of the Cabal Praetorate, took Ghaul under his wing to raising him as his pupil. Into the young Ghaul, the Consul instilled the ideas of Ghaul coming to rule the Cabal Imperium. The young Cabal was raised to a puppet, but proved far stronger-willed and brought those who would have controlled him under his sway. He is very charismatic.

Years later, this patient strategy won after Ghaul had rose in the ranks of the Empire. Ghaul had become a prominent commander within the Empire. Under the Consul's direction, he lead a successful coup against the then Emperor Calus. Ghaul was aided by a number of the Empereor's closest allies and advisors.