EDZ Imperial Treasure Maps in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence.

The solutions to the Imperial Treasure Maps on EDZ


Legion's Anchor[edit]

Legion's Anchor Video Walkthrough

  • Travel to either the Gulch or Winding Cove to make your way to Firebase Hades (Video shows from Winding Cove).
  • Travel to the North from the Winding Cove into Firebase Hades.
  • Travel to the Western side of Firebase Hades and go into the building, going into the vent.
  • Make your way through the vent to reach Legion's Anchor on the far side.
  • Head out of the observation room and to the open area beyond.
  • Go to the far tank in this first area and look underneath it to find the chest.

Maevic Square[edit]

Maevic Square Video Walkthrough

  • Travel to the Trostland landing zone in the EDZ.
  • From there, travel to the East from your Landing Zone and through the alley and the remains of the buildings.
  • This will lead you into Maevic Square.
  • Once in the square, go to the edge of the building you enter the Square from and look over to the right.
  • On the overhang above the entrance of the building ahead to the right, to spot the chest.
  • Jump over to the overhang and collect the chest.