The Objective, “ESCAPE” in Destiny 2.

ESCAPE is an Objective in the Raid Scourge of the Past in Destiny 2.




  • Those consoles have triggered something and the Guardians need to leave the area.
  • Only 2 Guardians need to survive this death race and make it all the way through.
  • To the right of the consoles, a large hatch will open, clearing the way for your run.
  • Go over the broken bridge, boosting from one segment to the next.
  • Be wary at the corners because there will be Fallen ambushes scattered throughout them.
  • Even the straightways will have the hazard of giant rotating gears that you will need to successfully time passing through.
  • This whole time you will be chased by a giant burning Servitor, Ablazed Glory, Kell's Scourge.
  • Also be wary of other player's sparrows since it is easy for them to send you flying off a ledge.
  • At the end of the run, the first 2 through need to hit the consoles with a melee attack again.
  • This will close the shield door, protecting you from the Servitor, Ablazed Glory.
  • Another shield door will open, clearing the way to the next chamber, and allowing the survivors to revive their fallen teammates.