The Objective, “Eliminate the Hive” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Eliminate the Hive is an Objective in the Adventure Bug in the System in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.


Destroy Hive while ghost corrupts the Vex data stream.

Clear out the simulations that stand against you.


  • This begins a horde rush that the Guardian will need to survive through.
  • Watch as the Tomb Ships come in and drop off the first part of the wave against you.
  • Throughout this encounter, the Hive are trying to get into the middle of the building you dropped the Arc Charge in.
  • If they get in and stop the hack, you will need to destroy another Barrier Mind.

  • Initially you need to find against Thralls and Acolytes.
  • The first Thralls will just rush straight toward the center.
  • The second round of them will break off to the side.
  • Be careful because there will be some Cursed Thralls.
  • From here on, they will be appearing from the sides occasionally.
  • Watch and listen for where they are coming from.
  • The first wave ends with when these are all defeated.

  • The second wave will bring yet more of the Thralls, Cursed Thralls, and Acolytes.
  • It will begin with Acolytes and a Knight coming in.
  • These will be rushing the center in great numbers, making it very likely they will make it in and start shutting down the protocols Ghost is working on.
  • Defeat the remaining hive to trigger the final wave of Hive
  • When you reach the third wave, you will encounter a Wizard: Herald of Savathun, Proxy.
  • There are a number of Acolytes and Thralls that will appear with these Wizards.
  • They are aided with another 2 Revenant Wizards, so be wary of approaching them initially.
  • Focus on the other Wizards first to eliminate the support for the Proxy.
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