The Objective, “Eliminate the Knight” in Destiny 2.

Eliminate the Knight is an Objective in the Adventure Deathless in Destiny 2.


Take down the undying Knight again.


  • This time, you will encounter Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable and 2 Necromantis Wizards.
  • Fighting through them, the Thrall and the Acolytes that are slowing descending down the stairs in the back of the room.
  • Fight through the Hive and kill the Necromantis wizards.
  • Once they are down, clear out any additional Hive giving you trouble.
  • Finally, focus on Takul-Dar and bring them down.
  • The Yellow light will emerge from the Knight once again and head yet deeper into the Arcology and the Festering Halls.


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