The Quest Step, Enemy Exfiltration in Destiny 2:Season of the Drifter.

Enemy Exfiltration is part of Zero Hour in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.


  • Time Limit: 20 minutes

Room 1[edit]

  • You begin in the Tower North, wanting to head through the open doorway on your right.
  • Run down this first section of the Tower and look to the right of the door.
  • The door itself is closed, but just to the right, you can see a light next to an open grate.
  • Dash and slide into it, following the duct on through and out the other side.
  • This will lead you to a section of the old section of Tower where you will have your first encounter.
  • Rushing in will be 3-5 Resilient Marauders, who will start invisible.
  • Stay nearby where you entered the area to have cover of the mass of remaining Fallen just past the Planter.
  • Next, start firing on the Resilient Tracer Shanks closer to the exit or the Resilient Shanks in the middle of the area.
  • Either of these enemies makes the encounter a lot more difficult to complete because of the amount of fire they can unleash.
  • You will also need to worry about the Fallen Captain, Loyal to Eramis that is also in the area.

Room 2[edit]

  • The barrier will drop, giving you access to the hallway leading to the central part of the old Tower area.
  • This will bring you into the Tower Plaza for your next encounter room.
  • Here, you will be encountering more Resilient Shanks, Tracer Shank, as well as the large trio of Resilient Heavy Shank.
  • Be wary of the 3 Tracer Shanks that you will encounter since they are found on the high points.
  • Clear the area and head over to the right, going around the corner, along the narrow path.

Room 4[edit]

  • Go along the corner and then through the opening in the wall.
  • Go straight on through the narrow passage to find your way to Tower Hangar.
  • Inside the Hangar, be on guard for the high up Vandals who are sniping.
  • Just inside, worry about the incoming Resilient Marauders and Resilient Shanks are rushing in.
  • In the back section of the hangar you will see 3 Servitor, Loyal to Eramis and a Walker.
  • Focus some fire on the Servitors and then move your focus to the Walker after weakening them.
  • Whoever has the Whisper of the Worm needs to open fire with it on the Walker.
  • Destroy the Walker carefully, taking out the Servitors as the Walker is destroyed.

Room 5[edit]

  • Head on up the stairs beyond the the Walker and follow the walkway through to the hallway beyond.
  • This leads to another room with a number of Dregs and Vandals.
  • In the middle of this room is a Heavy Shank.
  • Defeat them to clear out the way out.
  • Head on through the doorway that opens in the back.

Room 6[edit]

  • From there, just head forward through the hallways to reach the Tower Watch.
  • Taking the stairwell up, you will encounter a few Dregs.
  • Go down the next corridor and then head down the stairs to the left toward the next area.
  • Continue forward down the corridor to the next barrier, holding you in while dealing with the remaining Fallen.
  • Past the barrier, go to the right and head along the path there into the next set of doors.
  • Slide under the door that is nearby the M on the wall.
  • Drop down the elevator shaft through the door.


  • Make your way through the vents and then drop from there.
  • This will lead you into the Passage.
  • Drop down to the ground and head to the front of the plane you can see.
  • You can see a moved vent there you want to head into.
  • Inside this vent, turn to the right and take the first passage you see here.
  • Drop through the hole at the end of it to reach the ground below.
  • Run to the far end of the hallway and jump up into the next Vent.
  • Through this Vent, turn to the left.
  • Head past the container and the tool chest, going into the Vent just behind the tool chest.
  • Inside this vent, take the first right inside it.
  • Stop at the edge of the ledge you find yourself on.
  • You need to drop onto the ledge directly below you (and it is a fair distance down).
  • There is a break-away ledge in front of it, so be wary when traveling as a group.
  • This break-away ledge can handle 2 Guardians who are just next to each other.
  • Otherwise, you will want to jump across the gap to reach the opening.
  • Once through the opening, head on through the vent and take the drop.
  • Continue forward to go from the vent into the hallway.
  • Jump from there onto the suspended metal crane platform.
    • Only 1 Guardian needs to make this section of the run (the others can drop to an antenna arm that is extended).
  • Turn to the right on the platform and jump across to the next platform.
  • From there, it is time to make a long jump.
  • Drop down either onto the larger platform or the small metal platform (that spins, so you will need to move off it quickly).
  • Go to the end of the large metal platform.
  • Look over the far side and look for the small antenna arm poking out from the wall on the right.
  • Look back to where you came from to see small outcroppings that you can jump along.
  • Jump along these to reach the walkway on this side of the wall.
  • On this walkway, you can find a switch to the right of the stairs to examine and extend the antenna arm for the other Guardians to easily make the jump down.
  • Go on up the stairs and then turn around, looking upwards.
  • Above the walkway you can see another walkway.
  • Jump up there and head to the third section.
  • On the third section, jump up onto the crate there.
  • Jump up from the crate and into the vent above him.
  • In the vent, run on through it and drop into the next room.

Room 7 - Ascent Room[edit]

  • This is a room that you need to climb up.
  • Go to right-hand side, and circle your way upwards, going from small platforms to the narrow platforms.
  • From the second small platform, jump to the next narrow platform.
  • On this platform, jump straight upwards facing the wall.
  • Destroy the vent in front of you and go into it!

Room 8 - The Fan Room[edit]

  • Go through the vent to the left and break through the next vent covers in front of you.
  • Head through it here to reach the next room, the fan room.
  • You can safely land on the middle section of the fan and you can pass by the blades going through the red lit openings along the sides of the area.
  • Titans can control their fall with their boosters and Warlocks can manage many of the jumps easily with careful use of their hover abilities.
  • Hunters should handle this area especially careful, jumping to land on the red-lit pipes at the base of each red-lit shaft before jumping to the middle section of the fan.
  • Make your way down to the bottom fan, where you can see another vent cover to break and then enter the vent.

Room 9 - Ledge Room[edit]

  • Go through the vent's corner to reach the massive open room with narrow ledges on the sides.
  • You will need to jump onto the ledges and make your way to the far end.
  • Long Jump over to the first ledge on the right-hand side.
  • From there, repeat to reach the ledge on the left-hand side.
  • Finally, jump to reach the small opening from the panel that is open in the wall in front of you.

Room 10 - Ventilation Maze and TR3-VR (Solo levers)[edit]

  • Turn to the left as you land and then run into the next room.
  • Run behind the crate on the right and look into the wall by the crate to find the next vent you need to pass through.
  • This leads you into Ventilation.
  • Looking toward the window you can see a map display showing 4 switches approximate location that you will need to activate.
  • Go over to the right, toward the lit portion behind the covers, to the right of the desk.
  • Pass through this ventilation shaft to reach the maze itself.
  • Now you need to search this area and activate 4 switches to clear the way forward.
  • The whole time, you will need to avoid TR3-VR (Trevor), a fast moving automaton who is protecting this portion of the Cryptarch's Vault.
  • You will also need to watch for the solidifying electrical walls that can form at the junctions.
  • You can only pass through them (taking damage) just as they form, after that, they are solid and will bounce back the Guardian running into them.
  • Land, turn to the left and start down the hallway in front of you.
  • Run down the corridor, taking the first turn to the left.
  • Take the next corner and run most of the way down the corridor, carefully watching the right-hand side of the area.
  • This will lead you to the first lever that you need to pull.
  • Activate the lever and the light next to it will change from Red to Green.
  • Run to the end of the hallway, turning right with the corridor and then left.
  • Sprint down this hallway, going past the broad pit in front of you and into the next hallway.
  • Take the first left and follow this corridor around the bend.
  • Once again, watch for a switch on the right-hand wall.
  • Turn around and head back to the large gap that you passed.
  • Jump over to the red pipe on the left-hand side and then run along it to its end.
  • From there, jump across to the next red pipe and use that to reach the walkway on the other side of the area.
  • Turn to the right as you land and look for the next left-hand turn.
  • Follow this corridor to its next corner and then start watching along the right-hand side for the next switch.
  • Activate the switch, turn around and run back to the main corridor.
  • Once again, turn to the right and head along the corridor, looking for the next right-hand turn.
  • Take the turn and find the final switch on the left-hand wall in the back portion of this area.
  • Continue forward from the switch, going along the corridor to rejoin with the main corridor.
  • Turn to the right as you emerge and head along the walkway in that direction.
  • Once again you are looking for the next right-hand turn, this one should have a logo that shows a figure walking through a door.
  • Take the turn and run into the dark room just beyond.

Room 11 - Dark Elevator Room[edit]

  • Having made it through TR3-VR's territory, it is time to make it upwards.
  • Jump up onto the first yellow platform elevator on the right.
  • On the elevator, activate it.
  • Go up on the elevator until you reach the walkway above you, that you will need to jump to.
  • On the walkway, to find the yellow vent cover and break it open.
  • Dash and slide into the vent shaft.

Room 12 - Slide and Vault Entrance[edit]

  • Move carefully to the edge of the ledge and then step over onto the slide.
  • Ride down the middle, first favoring the left and then the right.
  • Jump as you enter the red lit section to avoid smashing into the floor.
  • Land and turn around.
  • Run into the door to the right.
  • Look to the top of the stairs in front of you.
  • Here, you will find a vent to slide into and go through it.
  • Drop into the Vault.
  • Inside the Vault itself, go around the yellow crate and head over to the wall.
  • Look for the Cryptarch symbol on the wall next to the pipes in front of you.
  • Approaching the symbol a section of wall will move, revealing a hidden passage.
  • Start running down it.

Room 13 - The Vault[edit]

  • Insiode the Vault go to the back right doorway.
  • This leads to an alcove to see a red-hot opening in the back part of the area.
  • Drop through the opening.
  • Turn to the left a little when you land and start down the hallway in front of you.
  • Run to the end and jump up out of the vent section you were in.
  • Follow the corridor forward and over to the right.
  • This leads to another room, with a ledge just above you.
  • Jump up onto the ledge and head into the vent in front of you.
  • This will bring you into the Tower Ruins.
  • Drop with the vent downward into the next section, the boss room.

Room 14 - Tower Ruins[edit]

  • Landing in this room, you will see a large number of Fallen that you will need to kill.
  • There are a few Dregs on each side, with a Vandal and a Turret.
  • In the back middle, you will find the final boss of the area, Siriks, Loyal to Eramis.
  • Reducing Siriks by 1/3, this will call in a Servitor, Mimiks-0, Devils Scion.
  • Along with the Devils Scion, a number of Resilient Shanks will apear on the sides of the room.
  • Toward where you entered the Tower Ruins, you will find Mimiks-1, Devils Scion.
  • Most of the fireteam should be focused on these Servitors and their Shanks, possibly neutralizing the Turrets if they reactivate.
  • The Resilient Shanks on the sides of the rooms have Arc Shields that need to be destroyed as well.
  • Reducing Siriks to half health will have him call in 2 Walkers that get added to the long list of enemies to kill here.
  • The Walkers arrive with more reinforcements of Dregs and Shanks.
  • Have your fireteam split between the adds and the pair of Walkers.
  • Using Thunderlord or the Whisper can be a great way to quickly eliminate your targets.
  • In the middle of the area, you will need to worry about Marauders that will be appearing in the area.
  • In the back area, you will see more Shanks appear that are Arc-Shielded with Vandals.
  • Fight on through the remaining forces, focusing all your fire on Siriks to defeat him.
  • Use distance and all the cover you can get to complete this challenge.

Quest Steps[edit]