The Objective, “Enter Calus's Chamber” in Destiny 2.

Enter Calus's Chamber is an Objective in the Raid Leviathan in Destiny 2.



  • Once again, you need to head to the Castellum, going to the doorway with Chalice symbol.
  • A final time, the fireteam needs to split into 3 and 3, those going for the Standards and those defending the collected standards.
  • The plaque will, once again, grant you Force of will, making it easier to defeat the Cabal coming after the collected standards.

Alternative Method[edit]

  • In the hallway that led to the Gauntlet, you will find 4 levels.
  • Have a fireteam member stand back each of them and have them each pull in turn.
  • The order can be figured out by which lever stays down after it is pulled.
  • From there, repeat the process until all 4 levers stay down.
  • The order is possibly random for each instance.
  • This will open the way to the bowels of the ship
  • It is very maze-like in the bowels of the ship and still not very explored.
  • It is rumored this is where the raid chests are found.