The Quest Step, Enter the Dark Shrine in Destiny 2: Duality.

Enter the Dark Shrine is an objective in Duality.


"For once in my life, I do not feel shame. I feel the caress of a thousand hands, hear the comforting hush of a thousand voices..."


  • Inside the hallway, turn to the right and head to the end of it, looking to the right.
  • There is a small platform on the side of the wall with a blinking red light.
  • Jump out to it and jump from there onto the pipe platform on the next pipe then onto the flap that is extended outward by jumping onto the nearby outcroppings on the right-hand wall.
  • Once on the flap, do a long jump out to the next small platform on the right-hand wall with the red blinking light on it.
  • From there, long jump to the next flap.
  • On this one, head downward along it toward the opening in the wall.
  • Go on through the opening there and you will land in the final boss's chamber.
  • Plant a Rally Flag.
  • To start the encounter, just head toward the middle of the room or go off to either side.