The Objective, “Enter the Gauntlet” in Destiny 2.

Enter the Gauntlet is an Objective in the Raid Leviathan in Destiny 2.



  • Make your way back to the Castellum and find the doorway with the Crossed Axes in front of it.
  • Once again you need to go and collect the standards from around the Castellum.
  • The Fireteam needs to split into teams of 3. 3 to go after the standards and 3 to defend the doorway and the collected standards.
  • Those at the door can call out what symbol is showing on the panel and can stand on the plague where the standards go to gain the Force of Will buff to do increased damage.
  • When the text, A Councilor appeared... shows, those on the plate should look toward the door to see a Loyalty Councilor
  • The Loyalty Councilor, like all the others, dies to a single melee hit.
  • When all 3 standards have been brought to the plate, Emperor Calus will open the passage to the Gauntlet.
  • Head through the hallway in front of you and follow it to the elevator.
  • When the whole fireteam is one the elevator, then it will rise up and take everyone to the Gauntlet.



Possible order

  • Beast
  • Sun
  • Chalice