The Objective, “Enter the Pleasure Gardens” in Destiny 2.

Enter the Pleasure Gardens is an Objective in the Raid Leviathan in Destiny 2.



  • Make your way back to the Castellum, once again it is time to collect standards.
  • Head to the War Beast section of the Castellum.
  • When the team is ready, have someone approach the War Beast image.
  • Once again, follow the images shown from the plate to find the Standard Bearers in each section.
  • Once again, the fireteam should split between defenders and retrievers to complete this section.
  • When all 3 standards have been brought back, the door will open to the Pleasure Gardens.
  • Collect the chest just inside the doorway and head down the corridor. The doors to the Pleasure Gardens will open when the whole team has gathered.


Possible Sequence[edit]

Axe Sun Goblet