The Objective, “Enter the Royal Pools” in Destiny 2.

Enter the Royal Pools is an Objective in the Raid Leviathan in Destiny 2.



  • You arrive at the Embarkment of the Leviathan.
  • Head forward, up the stairs past the guards, Loyalist Legionaries along the walkway.
  • These Guards will not attack unless provoked.
  • Go on up the stairs to the very top and through the Cabal Launchers.
  • Once again, climb to the top of the area you land in.
  • Continue forward into the next area, the Castellum.
  • Get familiar with the Castellum, this is the hub of the raid.
  • Each time you enter into the Castellum, you will be fighting these foes.
  • Look for the doorway with a symbol in front of it instead of a banner.
  • These Symbols are the Sun, War Beast, Crossed Axes, and Chalice.
  • Look at the symbol in the and head to that section of the Castellum.
  • The fireteam needs to split into 2 groups here, 3 to hunt for the Standards and 3 to defend the collected Standards.
  • You will need to find and eliminate the appropriate Standard Bearers who will appear in that area of the Castellum.
  • Those who are by the standards, need to watch for Standard Liberators who can steal back the Standards you have collected and placed.
  • Once all 3 standards have been placed, the door will open, granting access to the Royal Pools.