The Objective, “Enter the Scorn Hideout” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Enter the Scorn Hideout is an Objective in Scorned in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Fight your way through the Scorn hideout to reach the Fanatic.


  • Having made it past the last wave of Screebs, you can head forward through the Hollowed Lair.
  • Head on through the newly accessible doorway and into the next chamber.
  • This is a large room filled with machinery.
  • Go over to the walkway going out over the pit.
  • Carefully jump between the arms of the machine as you head along the walkway.
  • These arms will pause for a short period of time in their rotations, and that is when you will want to jump through.
  • Turn to the left and go on up the nearby stairs.
  • This next platform leads to a large platform with a long walkway off it going to the right with The Hangman on it.
  • Along with him, a number of Ravagers will be running down the ramp toward the Guardian as well.
  • Defeat them, getting the Hangman to retreat, and you will hear from the Fanatic.
  • Go on up the ramp the Scorned had been coming down.
  • At the top of the first set of stairs is a pair of Raiders that will be attacking with their Crossbows.
  • Kill them and head on up the 2 sets of stairs here.
  • Just follow along the corridor in front of you from there.
  • Run on through as the Fanatic rants at you.
  • Be wary as you enter the next chamber, there is a totem that will explode when hit or you get close.
  • Go onto the platform where the totem was and look past the rotating machine arms.
  • Shoot down the next totem, causing it to explode well out of range of the Guardian.
  • Jump across the gap, either through or around the rotating arms.
  • From there, follow the pathway and the stairs upward to the left around the room.
  • Continue through the hatchway into the next corridor.
  • Run to the end of this one, where you encounter an energy barrier, and wait for it to drop.
  • Rush in and start the boss fight.


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