The Objective, “Enter the Vex Ruins” in Destiny 2.

Enter the Vex Ruins is an Objective in the Adventure Invitation from the Emperor in Destiny 2.


Track the Vex data stream to the culster of confluxes.


  • Turn toward the large Tower found in the Cistern, you are going to want to climb up into it.
  • Make your way up the stairs on the side.
  • At the top of the stairs is an opening.
  • Use that to get inside.
  • Follow the hallway.
  • Drop down into the pit and into the Well of Flame.
  • At the bottom, go through the portal.
  • Once through, continue forward.
  • Drop over the ledge, and follow the radiolarian fluid downward.
  • There is a troop of Cabal below you that you will need to fight through.


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