The Objective, “Enter the Warmind Vault” in Destiny 2.
The Objective, “Enter the Warmind Vault” in Destiny 2.
The Objective, “Enter the Warmind Vault” in Destiny 2.

Enter the Warmind Vault is an Objective in the Story Fury in Destiny 2.


Activate the drill to reveal an entrance to the Warmind Vault.

Search for a terminal to override the drill's controls.

Activate the drill override.

Return to the drill site to enter the Warmind Vault.


  • This will cause a number of Vex: Goblins and a Minotaur.
  • Go into the next room and you will be fighting yet more Vex.
  • It is much the same mix of Goblins, Hobgoblins,and Minotaurs that you need to fight through.
  • You need to clear these rooms of Vex.
  • Just inside this second room, go over to the left, toward the windows overlooking the drilling site just outside.
  • You will find a control console you can interact with.
  • Do so to trigger the next part of the objective.
  • Turn to the right of the control console you just used.
  • Go through the first door there and down the hallway there.
  • This will bring you out to the drill site itself in Giant's Scar.
  • Go straight across the drill site to the open doorway across from you.
  • Through the door, head down the hallway there.
  • Go past the remaining construction materials and through to the doorway ahead.
  • Continue on the down slope through the hallway.
  • This will lead the Guardian down into Excavation Site II.
  • The first room you arrive in will have a number of Taken in it.
  • You can either fight the Taken Centurions, and Taken Goblins, or just run straight through the door in the back of the room.
  • At the top of the ramp there, you will find a Taken Phalanx.
  • Defeat them and head up the ramp to the left and into the next room.
  • This room will have you fighting another Taken Centurion, Taken Phalanx, and Taken Goblins.
  • Having cleared the room or have a chance to run through.
  • Go on up the ramp and get up to the next room.
  • In this room, you will need to deal with a Taken Minotaur.
  • This will lead to a second wave of Taken spawning in.
  • This round you will be fighting a Taken Phalanx, Taken Goblin and another Taken Minotaur.
  • The third wave is very similar to the second, with 2 Minotaurs coming in after a few of the other Taken have been defeated.
  • Focus your fire on the Taken Goblins first to ensure they cannot render the Minotaurs invulnerable.
  • Clear the remaining Taken after that to remove the barrier blocking your way forward.
  • In this room, go through the door in the back right.
  • Just in front of you are the next set of controls you need.
  • Interact with the console to raise the drill and clear the way forward.

  • With the drill activated, turn to the right and head on down the corridor in front of you.
  • Run down it and through the now open doors leading into an elevator shaft.
  • Head out of the shaft and over to the left.
  • Look to the right in the next room, there are more Taken for you to deal with.
  • This will place you against a Taken Wizard who you will need to beat.
  • Go through the door that it was guarding into the next room.
  • A Taken Phalanx waits on the other side.
  • In this large room, you will see Taken and Vex fighting.
  • You can either just run through or fight through both sides.
  • You want to head through the door in the back right of the room.
  • Head back up the ramp and back to the drill site.


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