The Objective, “Entering the World Eater” in Destiny 2.

Entering the World Eater is an Objective in the Raid LairThe World Eater in Destiny 2.


Make your way to the World Eater's Lair


  • When you land, rush up the ramp in front of you to the very first landing for the entrance of the Leviathan itself.
  • Wait for the door to open and head inside it.
  • Go forward, over to the left and through the open area beyond the crates.
  • From there, go past the turbine and into the white-lit opening in the floor with all the piping.
  • Drop down into it and head through the opening found at the bottom of the short pit.
  • Follow the corridor in front of you into the large open room.
  • Continue forward to the open pipe on the left-hand side wall.
  • Go inside that pipe and follow this tube.
  • This will lead to a red hot room with molten metal on the floor.
  • To get through to the far side, you must pass through the rotating gears.
  • There are 3 gears that you must jump through.
  • Take a little time to get the timing and head through the next possible opening after that.
  • Continue down the pipe through the final gear and drop over the ledge.
  • You will go through a series of launcher that will lead you directly to the reactor itself where you will encounter your first puzzle.


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