The Quest Step, Entrance in Destiny 2: Prophecy.

Entrance is an objective in Prophecy.





  • Starting this dungeon, you will begin on Drifter's Ship.
  • Just head forward and go through the portal.
  • This will bring you into Heaven/Hell.
  • To progress forward, you will need to "feed" the fountains on the far end from where you enter.
  • To do this, you need to collect Light Motes and/or Dark Motes (with a 30 second timer before they fade).
    • You can ONLY' collect either Light or Dark Motes, collecting another type will reset your count.
  • Collecting 5 Motes of either color, you will get get Mote Max.
  • Once you have Max Light or Dark Motes, you will want to head to the corresponding pillar.
  • Hit the Shoot button to slam the Motes and Disable the pillar.
  • To move forward, you need to deposit both Max Light and Dark Motes.
  • Getting the Motes takes some enemy manipulation.
  • The bottom of your screen, where you can see either Light or Dark tendril, is showing you what kind of Motes you will get for killing the Ravenous Taken Knight.
  • Killing the Ravenous Taken Knight while with the White Tendrils, you will get Light Motes.
  • Killing the Ravenous Taken Knight while with the Dark Tendrils, you will get Dark Motes.
  • There are also a number of Taken Thrall throughout the area.
  • You want to kill these off to fill your super energy or collect ammo bricks.
  • The Ravenous Taken Knight are found off to the right, in a dark tunnel.
  • This makes it very easy to to run into the tunnel with the Ravenous Taken Knight to easily kill them and collect the Dark Motes.
  • After dunking the Dark Motes, stay in the lit portion of the tunnel, and kill the Ravenous Taken Knight.
  • Collect the Light Motes after that and dunk it into the fountain of Light.

Entrance Chamber 2[edit]

  • I hope you like dunking motes, because the second chamber is a repeat of the first.
  • There are more Ravenous Taken Knights in the side corridor to the right and at the far end from where you came in, a pillar of Light energy and a pillar of Dark energy.
  • Once again, get Max Light or Dark Motes, dunking them into the corresponding pillar with the Shoot button.
  • This chamber favors Light over Darkness, so keep that in mind and watch those tendrils on the bottoms of the screen.


  • With the second hatch open, you could see a Taken Wizard hovering ahead on the left, where you can see light filtering in through a whole in the tunnel.
  • Start climbing up this path here, following the switchback style path.
  • At the top, you will see a large half-sphere arena in front of you.
  • When you are ready, you will want to jump out onto it to begin the next part the dungeon, a boss fight.