Entropic Shards are a Collectible in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.


There are 9 Shards, all of which can be accessed, now that the Deep Stone Crypt has been cleared.

Required Equipment[edit]

Shard Locations[edit]

  • There are 9 shards scattered across Europa.
  • Doing this solo is recommended since the Stasis Ice from another can interfere with shots.

Shard 1 - Asterion Abyss[edit]

  • Head into Asterion Abyss, making your way toward the first Vex Structure you can see.
  • Go to the East and then use the slope there to start climbing the Vex Structure.
  • Climb it on up to the first tall rise of the structure.
  • Head to the Western side of it to find the first shard.
  • Look to the North here to find the shard hovering above the Vex Stone.

Shard 2 - Concealed Void[edit]

  • Head into the Lost Sector Concealed Void, fighting your way through to the Boss Room.
  • Once in that room (and you've defeated the boss and the resulting wave of Fallen after), look up into the hole in the ceiling.
  • Search this for the hard to spot Shard in the white light coming in from above.

Shard 3 - Cadmus Ridge[edit]

  • Make your way to Cadmus Ridge.
  • Once there, head toward the entrance of Bray Exoscience, looking to the North of it, just past the shelf of Snow.
  • Look to the corner nearby the ledge to find the Shard sitting in the snow.

Shard 4 - Eventide Ruins[edit]

  • Go into the Eventide Ruins, going to the Southeastern section.
  • Look for the wreckage of the walkway pointing to the South.
  • Search into the wreckage here to find the Shard.

Shard 5 - Bunker E15[edit]

  • Head into the yellow building in the middle of Eventide Ruin.
  • Inside the building, go to the Southern wall and jump through the opening there and make your way back into Bunker E15.
  • Make your way into the first large room of Bunker E15.
  • Go out onto the walkway and look to the back left of the room to spot the shard on the high walkway.
  • Aim carefully, charging up Salvation's Grip to blast the Shard.

Shard 6 - Riis-Reborn Approach[edit]

  • Make your way into Riis-Reborn Approach and head into the first building.
  • Head on through it and up into the second building.
  • Ride the "lift" upwards and into the room with the L-Bend stairs.
  • Go around to the far side of the first set of stairs and look underneath them.
  • Below the first landing is the Entropic Shard.

Shard 7 - Kell's Rising[edit]

  • Make your way up from Riis-Reborn Approach through the teleporter and make your way to Kell's Rising.
  • Once there, head along the path here, looking for the ledges over to the right.
  • Start climbing up the ledges here, going around the building.
  • Weave along the ledges here to make it over to the building linked by the red pipes.
  • From there, go over to the right and climb up onto the rooftop there.
  • First, climb up onto the rooftop and look to the left where you can see a staircase.
  • Under the stairs, you will find the Shard.

Shard 8 - Technocrat's Iron[edit]

  • Back head inside the building leading into Kell's Rising from Riis-Reborn Approach.
  • From there, go over to the left from the intersection.
  • Follow this path up the stairs to reach Technocrat's Iron
  • After that, keep to the walkways and piping to follow a path toward the next building.
  • Inside the first building, go to the back right of the room, heading down to the far door from where you entered.
  • From there, head across the walkway into the large room just through the archway.
  • Go over to the right and following this track across the gap.
  • Jump up onto the hanging track above the one you are on.
  • Head over to the entrance from there, jump across the next suspended track, go into the doorway to take the next sets of stairs down.
  • Follow this to the bottom of the stairs to a large room with 4 pillars in them.
  • Once inside this room, look to the right, toward the front right pillar.
  • Just in front of that, you will find the Entropic Shard.

Shard 9 - Creation[edit]

  • Make your way into Cadmus Ridge and head for the entrance to Bray Exoscience.
  • Once inside there, head over to the right, taking the stairs and going through door to the right inside this small hallway.
  • Follow this path along its winding way to reach Creation and weave your way on through to the massive room with the walkways.
  • Get to the end of the walkway overlooking the drop from the top walkway.
  • Look toward the landing far below with the large cylindrical container to find the Entropic Shard.