Entry 1 - Vow of the Disciple Lore Book in The Witch Queen.

Entry 1 - Vow of the Disciple Lore Book in The Witch Queen


This Lore Entry is found during Preservation, in the latter half of the Mission.

  • Make your way through Preservation to the Acquisition section, where you can see the entrance of the raid itself.
  • Go along the narrow walkway outside the Pyramid, just after having ridden the barge and entering the Pyramid itself.
  • Inside here is a large room with a few rows of markers on the left, a smaller marker on the right and a wall with numerous opening along it.
  • Go just past the marker on the right and clamber through the circular opening there.
  • Drop down to the floor below and look back to the wall you just climbed through.
  • You will see 3 rows of symbols, these are randomized.
  • Ignore the first row, since it is indicating Guardians themselves.
  • The second row shows how to interact with the symbol: Melee, Interact, or Shoot.
  • The third row shows which symbols you need to interact with.
  • Make your way back up to the room you entered.
  • The symbols are randomized, so there is no way to write a proper guide on where to find each of the different symbols you need.
  • After you get the symbols entered, you may need to repeat the symbol sequence a few times to get the lore book entry to trigger.