Eris Morn in Destiny 2.

Eris Morn is a Human NPC in Destiny 2.


  • The Hidden
  • The Awoken


Eris Morn is the only surviving member of the first fireteam to breach the Moon and attempt to kill Crota. She was a guardian, but lost her Ghost to the Hive. Still, thanks to a wish granted by an Ahamkara bone she was granted her eyes and a strong ability to blend into the Hive. She can use some Hive magic as well.

Strongly attuned to the Hive, she has a sense of what they are up to. Something has drawn her back to the Moon itself. She found her way into the depths of the Moon and came across the Nightmares that have been unleashed by the Hive.

Former Fireteam[edit]

  • Toland the Shattered
  • Eriana-3
  • Vell Tarlowe
  • Omar Agah
  • Sai Mota