The Objective, “Escape” in Destiny 2.

Escape is an Objective in the Quest Data Requisition in Destiny 2.


Fight your way out.


  • With the data extracted, you will need to fight on through the Tidal Anchor and back to the top of the Rig.
  • You will see a group of Acolytes coming through the control room that you used to get into this chamber.
  • Head back toward that chamber, going up either side.
  • The left-hand side will have some Hive Webbing initially blocking that way. You can easily remove it by shooting it.
  • Go into the control chamber and then out of it, making your way back up.
  • More Acolytes await you in the red lit chamber.
  • Head out of there to the right.
  • The next hallway will have you fighting Wizard and more Acolytes that are trying to stop you.
  • You can defeat all of them or just most to clear the way forward. The Wizard presents the largest threat.
  • Go back into the hallway with the large yellow fluid sac.
  • Head up the stairs at the end of the hallway through the arched doorway
  • You will be confronted by a locked door.
  • Interact with it to have Ghost start opening it up.


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