The Objective, “Escape the Arcology with the CPU” in Destiny 2.

Escape the Arcology with the CPU is an Objective in the Story/Strike/Raid/Adventure Utopia in Destiny 2.


Find a way outside.


  • Turn toward the lit up door once you grab the CPU core on the ledge.
  • Immediately start running through the door, the hallway and then up the stairs in front of you.
  • At the top, turn to the right and drop to the ground.
  • You will see a number of armored vehicles.
  • Climb up onto one and interact with it to have your Guardian enter it.
  • Start driving forward, plowing through the hive barrier set up in front of you.
  • This AV can break through most stand alone Hive structures, and units, without stopping.
  • The AV does have its own health bar though, it will deplete when getting shot.
  • There is just one kind of Hive to avoid, the Cursed Thrall, for the heavy damage they do.
  • Second to concern yourself with would be a Knight with a Boomer or a Spread Shot.
  • This comes to a second point of the vehicle, just keep moving forward.
  • Drive forward, following the road as best you can to set the best pace.
  • You will, eventually, make it to a proper road toward the end of this driving section.
  • Once over the hill of the proper road, you simply need to make it to the circular platform at the end of it to complete the mission.


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