Essence of Dawning in Destiny 2: The Dawning.

Essence of Dawning is an Ingredient in Destiny 2: The Dawning.


An ingredient needed for all recipes. It embodies the spirit of the Dawning, and can be found by completing activities and challenge anywhere in the system.

Once selected, it will be consumed in the oven – so choose wisely!


Complete the the following activities will earn you these approximate amounts of Essence of Dawning:

Activity Essence Earned up to
Patrols ~1-3
Escalation Protocol 3
Public Events 5
Flash Point Completion 5
Heroic Adventure 6
Heroic Blind Well 10
Mayhem 12-17
Heroic Strikes 15-17
Gambit Match 17-22
Nightfall Strike 23
Crucible Match 15-22